Contact Lenses

Consider being fit with contacts
if glasses are inconvenient.

Live without glasses

If you lead a very active lifestyle and don't like how glasses feel on your face all day, contact lenses are great alternative. Our optometrist at Central Iowa EyeCare can prescribe you the perfect ones for your lifestyle.

Daily wear
Wearing contacts daily may be a necessity, especially if your eyesight is bad. We can fit you in contact lenses in many different designs including multifocal and astigmation.

Save money in the long run

Explore the alternative of gas permeable (GP) lenses to soft contacts. GP lenses not only provide good vision but they are also more durable, which means you save money long-term.

Contacts for everyone

Contacts can be a great fit for many people, even your children. If you're worried about the responsibility of contact lenses, we can always prescribe daily disposables so if they rip them today. They'll have a new pair to wear tomorrow!

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